What is metaverse?
    Posted on 10/03/2022

Don’t you know anything about the metaverse? Let’s try to find out today!

Metaverse is such type of a virtual environment integrating a variety of internet services and functions – these could be gamines, social media, business opportunities, community gatherings and much more. Everything seems real here, the same as a virtual universe.

 The concept of the Metaverse isn’t very unique but it was discovered in 1992 by the novel Snow Crash. However, the exact product of this concept was developed pretty late, in the year 2003 when it got its second Life.

Basically, Metaverse is a (virtual reality) VR.

Imagine another world where you can interact with others by playing games, shopping, and working without your presence. It feels like a joke but it is possible through a metaverse.

No one was familiar with it until Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta in October 2021. When Facebook officially announced to spend up to $10 billion within the upcoming years to welcome great technologies – everything was getting out of a common vision just because of the metaverse.

If we say that metaverse is an evolutionary change in the internet world then it will be so true.

Metaverse can be in any form like games, business meetings, online communities, and other gatherings where people can get in touch with each other through a digital personality or (avatar.)

With the each passing day metaverse is getting a lot of fame worldwide but still there is some regions that are not in favor of metaverse.

But why? You may know the answer at the end.

Is there any future for the metaverse?

Even though Facebook is a famous platform itself but it is included in the main loud voices for the formation of a combined metaverse. Due to Facebook's Diem stablecoin project, it is going to be interesting for a crypto-made metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg has openly mentioned his future thoughts about the metaverse project which will directly support its remote work. Also, it will be helping in the improvement of financial opportunities for everyone, especially from well-developed countries.  

Some other giant tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are also trying to target the creation of metaverse and hope they will tend to its future.

It is hoped that NFT marketplaces and 3D virtual universes will be the target of a crypto-powered metaverse in the upcoming years. It has seemed that NFT holders are selling their goods to different marketplaces such as Bakeryswap and Opensea but still, they’ll need a well-made 3D platform for this.

At the high-level blockchain developers may introduce a famous metaverse in the form of apps where everyone will be organically connected with each other.  

Advantages and disadvantages of the metaverse

It has been already debated deeply whether the metaverse is good or not. Is there any negative effect on the future world? Let’s have some logic behind the metaverse and its creation in the outward appearance of advantages and disadvantages. 


·         Connecting the world

·         Upgrading social media

·         New business opportunities

·         Best for online education


·         High risk of cybercrime

·         Bad impact on cultures and customs

·         Addition issues

·         Privacy issues will raise

Final verdict

Indeed a connected metaverse is far to have but still, we can see some significant changes that might play a vital role in its creation. It seems that the metaverse could be an important factor in daily life in the upcoming years.

Technology is getting dynamic changes and metaverse also. In the future, the entire tech world can rely on the metaverse – even Facebook has already mentioned its plans regarding this.

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